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Womban Evolved

Maternal Support Services


Womban Evolved aspires to provide sound birth and lactation education, physical and emotional support as well as resources to compliment your birth process.

Whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant, or adopting a child, W.E. is here to help keep you and your family informed of your options, supported in your choices and feel confident throughout your entire birthing journey.


Doula Support

Womban Evolved believes every mother should have a doula, whether it's your first pregnancy or your fifth. W.E. provides exceptional service, a virtual option and payment plans.


Lactation Support

Get breastfeeding off to a good start! Womban Evolved boasts a highly recommended breastfeeding course and  experienced lactation support to help you through your birthing journey.

Placenta Encapsulation

Womban Evolved is proud to offer safe, dependable, professional placenta encapsulation services.

Birth Planning

Birth planning is ideal for every  family and every pregnancy, no matter where you choose to birth. You deserve to birth your way!

Pregnant Woman and Partner
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