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Lactation Support

When to see a Lactation Consultant

People see lactation consultants at different points throughout pregnancy, after delivery, and throughout their baby's time breastfeeding.  The number of times you see a lactation consultant will vary based on your individual needs, but studies show that meeting with one can have a positive impact on breastfeeding duration

A lactation consultant can address issues like:​

  • Poor milk supply

  • Breast pain and sore nipples

  • Trouble latching

  • Finding a comfortable nursing position

  • Refusal to feed

  • Poor infant weight gain

  • Falling asleep at the breast

  • Problems pumping breastmilk

  • Engorgement

In-Person Lactation Support

As your Lactation Consultant, I’m committed to creating a personalized program that empowers you and your family to live better and healthier lives. Together, we’ll ascertain the nature of the problems you’re dealing with and find the solution best suited to your requirements.

$110/hr  (90 min initial visit)

*Office visits starting Feb 5th, 2015  (Mon, Wed & Fri)

*Home visits: $25 travel fee Austin & Kyle, $50 other areas outside Austin

* Insurance reimbursement 

Virtual Lactation Support

You and your family’s optimal health and wellness is achieved when you understand the challenges and create a solution tailored specifically to your particular circumstances. Through an integrative approach, I give you the tools to implement an effective plan that you feel comfortable with. 


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