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About Aphrica

Aphrica, founder and owner of Womban Evolved, uses her expertise to educate and empower parents on their birthing journey. With nine years of experience Womban Evolved clients have a c-section rate of less than 10% (compared to the national average rate of over 30%). A breastfeeding initiation rate of 100% and the majority continue breastfeeding past 3 months postpartum (compared with the national average of 60%).

Womban Evolved provides mothers access to culturally aligned care and support from an African American doula, lactation consultant, birth assistant and placenta encapsulation specialist. One of Aphrica’s main objectives is to enable parents to feel a sense of reassured confidence as they embark upon one of the most significant times in their lives. This care and support has proven to have powerful impacts on Black maternal health outcomes, their positive perceptions of their birthing experience, and is a critical part of the solution to the maternal health disparities that plague communities of color.

As a mother and birth worker, Aphrica knows firsthand the power and beauty the birthing process holds, and what a blessing it is to evolve into motherhood. Aphrica has dedicated her time and efforts into her passion, supporting over 60 families as a doula and countless more with lactation.  Aphrica is an IBCLC, a DONA certified doula and also maintains current certifications in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and neonatal resuscitation (NNR).

A woman is the full circle.  Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

                                                      -Diane Mariechild

Check out this feature I did with Austin PBS-Decibel in 2020. 

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