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Other Support Services for the Childbearing Year

Reformation Massage & Bodywork

Reformation Massage & Bodywork specializes in advanced Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. With over 30 years of experience their therapist assess and customize a treatment plan specific to your needs. They offer affordable care and have programs designed for your budget.


In Her Love

In Her Love in Austin, Texas is the Premier V Steam Spa and Womb Wellness Boutique. V Steam (vaginal steaming) is non-invasive, natural, and holistic. Vaginal Steaming is described as a cleansing ritual, with heat, steam, and herbs to detox and cleanse the intimate area.

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Back 2 Life Chiropractic

Did you know a chiropractic adjustment release the unlimited healing and restoration power of your body? Cervical/neck adjustments have been shown to help improve heart heal, immune function, infertility, balance and digestion.   Dr. Marshall Freeman

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South Austin Community Acupuncture

Supporting Health + Building Community

Affordable acupuncture in a comfortable group setting.

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Shakti Midwifery


Offering comprehensive and inclusive midwifery care in the Austin area.

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Delivering Unto You Midwifery Services

Denise Washington is helping provide options now as a student midwife working with Felisa Yzaguirre, LM. Felisa and Denise are seeing patients for home births, Supplemental care (aka monitrice service) for those who are not comfortable delivering at home.

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San Antonio Nurse Midwife

Nikki McIver-Brown, APRN, MSN, CNM

Obtain holistic well person's health and midwifery services in the  San Antonio area.  

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Mothers' Milk Bank Austin

Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin is a non-profit organization whose mission is to save babies' lives by providing prescribed donor human milk.

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Any Baby Can

 Any Baby Can partners with families to build stability, develop skills, and unlock each child’s full potential.

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